Customizing the AuditLog

The Embeddable AuditLog supports a number of customization options to help surface the best data to your customers.

Head to the Customization screen to access these options.

Layout Customization

From the Layout tab you can configure the header and footer of the AuditLog.

  • Logo - expects a full URL to an image
  • Title - displayed next to the logo in mobile + desktop view
  • Links - top right in desktop, below the logo/title in mobile
  • Copyright - displayed in the footer of the page
Screenshot of the Customize screen

Columns Customization

The Columns tab allows you to customize which columns are displayed, with some limited options for formatting and support for single or two-row columns.

Screenshot of the Customize screen

Each column has several options:

  • Label - Text shown for the column header, can be as similar or dissimilar to the actual context as you want
  • Fields - Each column must have a field in the first row and can, optionally, have a value in it's second row
  • Buttons - The arrows re-order columns, the X removes them

Fields, in more detail

The available fields list include not only the raw values you send in with the events, but formatted versions where they are appropriate. Many of the fields are optional, they will show empty values if you configure columns to display them.


Screenshot of the Customize screen

Displays as:

Screenshot of the Customize screen

The fields also include some server-generated values, like the reception time:

Screenshot of the Customize screen


The Security tab gives you access to the View Id and Access Key necessary to access the view data for a given client, plus the ability to rotate the Access Key.

We don't have any requirements around you rotating the Access Key. Some customers have internal or regulatory requirements to rotate keys on some frequency and this allows that.

Screenshot of the Customize screen

Embed Script

The Embed Script tab is purely informational. It provides a sample script with updated View Id and Access keys that you can use to embed your AuditLog in your application.

Screenshot of the Customize screen

See Embedding you AuditLog for more information.