A Polished, Enterprise-Ready Experience

Fast response times, 3rd party data escrow, log retention, drop-in component.
The slick interface without the development time to build it yourself.

Drop-in Client Interface

Add the customizable Audit Log to your application with a few lines of javascript:

                    <div id="audit-log"></div>
                    <script src="https://app.auditlog.co/dropin/dropin.js"></script>
                            view: '{your-view-id}',
                            accessKey: '{your-view-access-key}',
                            clientId: '{your-client-id}',
                            target: 'audit-log',
                            host: 'https://app.auditlog.co'

Customizable Audit Table

Customizeable Without Code

Use the Customization screen to set your own logo, add links, or update the footer. Add, Remove, Re-arrange, and rename columns to fit your clients.

Customize your AuditLog

Clear API Documentation

Send events via the REST API, we take care of the rest. Documentation includes detailed examples, instructions for common use cases, and depth for special cases.

See the API docs

Detailed docs with examples

Built-in Exports

CSV exports are automatically available on-demand for your clients. Customize further using the Events Reporting API to enrich the data further or embed it directly in your application.

Enterprise Ready

A 40,000 foot view

A global view into your stored events, showing how your users are interacting with the system.

Enterprise Ready

And more...

Immutable Events, Enabled Privacy

AuditLog preserves Event data seperate from potential Personal Information, supporting Privacy API endpoints to make it easy to search, update, or redact Personal Information you've stored with the service.

Client-Specific SIEM Integration

With the Enterprise plan, you can configure client-specific SIEM Exports to feed data directly to your Enterprise clients.

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