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Pricing FAQ

What are Customized Audit Pages?

A drop-in Audit Log page you can host from your site. From your dashboard, you can customize the logo, links, copyright statement, and visible columns in the Audit Log table.

What is the Reporting API?

The Reporting API provides reporting access to the Audit Log events you've stored for one or all clients, allowing you to integrate Audit Log events deeper with your application and enrich Audit Data further before displaying it.

What is the Privacy API?

You can choose to submit Personal Information with Audit events (suach as a user's email address or name). The Privacy API makes it easy to report on, update, or redact that information to support privacy regulations.

What is SIEM Integration?

Some Enterprise clients may request SIEM integration of audit data. Under our Enterprise Plan, you can configure individual clients to receive a stream of audit events directly from us.

Note: SIEM integration includes a one-time professional services fee for consultation and integration.

Can I have customized pages for each of my clients?

Not yet, but send an email so we can talk more and see if our pilot would be a good fit for your plans!